Cocktail Workshops

Whether it’s a small gathering for friends or a much larger workshop, we are able to transform any location into a cocktail bar, providing cocktail training sessions for all, along with five cocktails per person.

We are ideal for garden parties, birthday celebrations, hen parties plus much more. We provide the bar, professional bartenders, cocktail glassware, ice, garnishes, and everything you would expect from a thriving bar to ensure even the smallest touches.

No Occasion Is Too Big Or Too Small

We are a truly bespoke service, aiming to fill any special requests and requirements you may have.

Prices are on a ‘cost per head’ basis, and will depend on how much or how little you opt for. We have three cocktail sets to choose from.

If you select the Premium Cocktail Set, you also have access to the Core Cocktail Set. If you select the Connoisseur Cocktail Set, you also have access to the Premium Cocktail Set and the Core Cocktail Set.

Each cocktail comes with its own ‘Atomic Cherry’, a cherry soaked in a different spirit or liqueur selected to enhance and compliment the flavour of each cocktail.

Atomic Cherry specialises in unique products and unique flavours, which can be seen from the cocktail menu. Whilst most of the above cocktails are ‘Atomic Specialities’, we also offer the classic cocktail equivalent of each of the variations.

We can even work with you to create bespoke cocktails for your special occasion!

Core Cocktail Set

£25 per person

This Package includes Key West Cooler, Scar Face, Bloody Mary, Cherry Caipirinha, Purple Cosmopolitan, Passion fruit Mojito, Spiced Berry Colada, Summer Gin Cooler.

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Premium Cocktail Set

£34 per person

Lychee & Pineapple Martini, PBJ Martini, Cucumber and Watermelon Bramble, Rhubarb & Custard Sour, Cherry Cola Ice Tea, Tropical Brandy Smash, Chocolate & Hazelnut Martini, Root Beer Julep

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Connoisseur Cocktail Set

£40 per person

Atomic Candyfloss, American Pie, The All American Breakfast Martini, Chilli & Mango Margarita, Black Forest Daiquiri, The Royale Blush, Honey & Lavender Sour, Blood & Sand.

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